Sunday, July 11, 2010

i love jacob

first: i love jacob.
he's hot. he make me nervous. so im in his team.
not dat i dun like edward, but if im cold in winter..who's im goin to be cuddle with?
who's goin to keep me warm.
and the sounds dat, when jacob said
he's not even alive made me tink...ok. he's dead.
n doin everything wif edward sounds dangerous..
even physical.

second: i tink bella is super damn lucky.
edward and jacob both r fighting for her. n willing to do anythin to keep her safe..
and i hev nothing left to say..
bella and jacob. yeay!!
ok. its not goin to happen?
awww...bella. u must choose wisely..
u can marry edward but u dun hev to change. into blood sucking creature.
i keep my fingers cross!!

pls2..dun make jacob sad.

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