Thursday, July 15, 2010

marry u ;)

i want to get married!!
and fast.
but i dun hev bf.
seriously. while some people scared of gettin married at early age, i found dat married at early age is fun and exciting.
a whole new life begins. adventure. yeay..
but i hev different kind of reason too tho..
i want to hev baby. i love them!
they r so cuteee!! and love to cuddle wif them..
u see..
im a student nurse. so im posting in nursery and my gosh..
the babies are amazing. so cute. so nice. and they smell great. like babies smell u noe how it is..
n u culd c how the parents work together..maybe mostly the fathers as in mother is in pain or something..

family. is great. i want to hev one. a perfect one. then it will be picture perfect.
i dun mind married at dis kinda age. it will be cool to do everything wif the person i love and i want to be wif him and dun hev to worry about almost everything in the world.

let's grow old together

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