Sunday, July 4, 2010

ur life span without roy miller

today is girls' out again
my dad has been bz lately
but my dad did something so sweet for me
its like dis:
i tried to hide a broken watch
which the one my dad bought
but somehow he found it bcuz im too careless
then the next thing i noe. he bought me a new one!!
how i noe..i found it on the table.
shiny new watch..i really need dat nurse watch..
the price doesnt matter..its the liltle thing dat counts.

anyway..we watched knight and day
my my
tom cruise is still as hot as ever!
but i dun fall dis time..
no wonder katie holmes can't take her eyes off him.
the eyes goin to kill me soon..hhaa

the muvi is about
a battery. seriously and how ppl really wanted it cuz it can generate power.

not ur average duracell!!

its average. for me.


  1. =) datyn tyna, best ta cte uh??
    msih ta dpt tgk ag smpi laa ni.
    eh,anda dpt tag oke?
    ap ag,sudikan diri anda jwab eh? =) maceh~

    "cik ara"

  2. oh cite ni bole tahan la..not bad..
    tag? oh ok2..