Monday, March 22, 2010

can't trust monday

i can't possibly write it here, can i?
i want to write out my anger.
to which if i vomit it through my word..
a lot of fouls sentences u will heard.

u said
i got some problem attitude.
i came in late to ur class.
i had breakfast.
i was honest though.
late by 5. dats all.
i can't possibly lie.
not dat i dun wanna do
but i juz can't find a gud reason y i should lie in the first place. on monday.
its not like im always late.
never. for morning classes.

then i told u
i woke up late
not dat really happened
juz want to cover
i want to accompany my dearest fren had her breakfast
i can't turn my back on her
simply cuz im a loyal fren

to which u assume
i came back late last night
past 11pm.
for ur information
i never came back late.
n if u dun believe me
u can roll ur eyes
n checked the guard book
which will definitely give u a surprpise.

im not like me when im in ur class
i am certainly sure that i was acting weird
in ur class
juz ur class.
its not boring
maybe u a lil bit too sensitive, no?

idk if u got kids
by my age
well if u do
im sure u understand the situation
i had into.
to my conclusion that ur not.

i was different
bfre u came
u can checked through whichever source u want
they barely noe me
as a problematic student.

if u say
i got problem attitude
then maybe u can run some diagnostic test
n confirm it?
i'll wait. patiently.

u can't remember my name
u hev to c it on my name tag
at least 5 sec bfre u can get right
i said it bfre u do
my name is Sayidatina.
u jolly well said im really a Datin.
broke my heart though.

for ur information..again.
Sayidatina in our religion
known as
The Prophet's Wife name
its like "gelaran"
so im sure my father didn't hev any intention to give my such beautiful name
but hoping i will become Datin?
i bet u heard my frens called me Datin a few times.
but then again..
its juz for entertainment
n not for ur amusement.

im juz glad u didn't land ur skinny fingers onto my skin.

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