Saturday, March 13, 2010

a phone call to remember

tonight i want to write about something dat happen to me.
i want to remember dis.
my best fren.
very common, yes.
but i still want to tell.
he called me.
yes its him.
long tyme we didn't catch up.
both trying to act as superman n woman.
said my voice was different.
said im jiwang.
i used to act tough n rough.
talked crap ol the time.
somehow tonyte he said i sound diff n asked if something wrong
to which i respond no.

he sick.
told me bout it.
maybe cuz he once said i will be his private nurse someday?
i asked whats wrong.
he told me everything bout the symptoms.
i wish i can tell, but i can't.
its P&C.
then i nagged to him
like i used to do.
he listens. quietly?
haa..dun noe..
i talk real fast. dun noe if he ever catch up?

a moment later.
i asked him
ur goin to france soon.
then he said.
will u come to the airport n send me?
i said..maybee..
cuz i really want to c u cry.
laughed n quickly said.
i will not cry, u idiot.
but after dis..i tink i myte cry..
we did lots of things.
juz come to tink bout it..
gonna come back n become a real man,huh?
probably im already married
but surprsingly he said..
no, u will not get married while im in france.
did he juz wished dat i will not get married?

then i said.
if im ever not gonna get marry..
its totally ur fault.
n ur gonna find me one.
calmly he said..
dats not what i meant.
from what i c..
u r a carreer woman.
u wont get marry dat early.
u hev a lot of thing to achieve ryte?
for once sec, i thought he was ryte.
for dat i trust him.

then he said.
y u never msg me
n ur using maxis..again.
i said
i thought the other day
u bought a purple cardigan for dis lady..wif me.
n u gave it to her.
she must hev like it for sure.
u promised to tell me bout dis lady.
but its a secret for sure.
a secret i hate.
so i assumed dat u got gf now.
dat i dun disturb someone when they r in a relationship.
its not a healthy relationship if we keep messaging..always.
then he goes..
u r a naive girl.
i didn't hev anythin to do wif her.
juz old fren. dat cares for another.
lyke i care for u.
i was perfectly sane when i heard it.
dat i couldnt say anythin.

but all of u should noe,
this is not a love story..
for sure.
its a story bout a fren who cares.

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