Sunday, March 21, 2010


my dad is angry.
at me.
cuz i went out wif a guy.
but my dad noes him.
everybody at our taman noe him
probably angry cuz im not being honest?
but dad, im safe now.
currently studying.
not a scratch.
he didn't do anythin to me.
we juz talked. watched muvi.

im tired of dis already.
im 20. dis november.
u can scold me if im 13.
but im not.
lets c.
i got my first phone when i was 16.
i used to called my bf using house phone n yeah.
u caught me.
hev to dgr bebelan..long.
i never dated. outside school.
for 3 years.
u noe dat urself.
i went to one sex school.
for the rest of my life.
except when junior high.

dat is the only time i actually had a relationship.
i listened to u.
im being a gud daughter all long.
the high school part not count though.
the hormones. u noe.

but i changed.
i went to boarding school.
all girls.
u relieved. i noe.
u bought everythin i want n need.
thanx dad. ur the best.
still now.
i wanna grow up.
let me be.

i noe.
all u want is me to be happy.
but happy is not enough.
i need someone to share wif me all the gud news too.
dis little girl has grow up.
ily dad.


  1. Salam~
    mybe he knows what r da bez 4 u?
    hmm..kdg2 btl gak..
    da besar2 en..
    bkn dak kecik ag smpi sume taleh wat,..
    ap2 pn dpends on ourself gak..