Sunday, March 21, 2010

perut kenyang senang hati??

lunch had never been better.
ate..lontong+ nasi impit+rendang+ sambal ikan bilis...
but mkn lontong je..cuz rendang xlarat nk mkn...
dinner maybee..
i asked rara to cook some rice for me..=)
asked anis to buy windows vista.
cuz dis one is goin to expire.
idk. its like some pre release of what..
ok. im not IT freak. idk.

today i didn't take a nap...
usually i do. when at home.
but im so hungry juz now..i couldn't even sleep..
couldn't study..on9 je yg blh..

ok so what la kn..
if i dun drink the water cooler kt college.
ps: im allergic to it.
never ending sore throat if u must noe.
so jgn heran la kalo ko nmpk my dad dtg bwk satu kotak air mineral.
ewww..air kt sini da la kaler kuning.
xpsal2..otak aq pown jd kuning..

mlm ni nk study jp..
esk ade klas..endocrine.
mst dye nk smbng blk psal diabetes..
haaa..kne bce la..
notes psal topic tu mmg tebal..
mmg syok ar aq bce..

uikkss...kt pj ni nk ujan.
gelap je..
keyboard ni je aq nmpk..ngn screen..
len xda dahh..
da la aq sorg2 je ni..
takut kot...
k la.
nk men fb.
best fren on9.

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