Monday, March 22, 2010


tell me
how would i noe
if i like u

how would u noe
if u like me

how we would noe if we like each other.

"i love u" isn't juz a simple word
to be said
to be written
to be texted

doesn't come
in a night.
takes a whole bunch of courage
to find it

but failed to meet
it fades away, isn't it.

i lost it
can't be able to feel
or maybe juz hard to feel
cuz i wasn't certain
of my own desire too

but what happened
if u r in love
found it
hold on tight to it
take care of it
preserve it, no?

well then if u hev my heart
pls take care of it

if u wanna leave
fix it

im afraid i lost my love in my own deep thoughts.

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