Sunday, March 28, 2010

im in a circus.

hey u.
yeah u.

thanx is the first word i want to say to u.
knowing u is the best part of all.

but sadly,
im walking on a very thin line.
u c,
i always had this thing on my mind
where by, im walking on a very thin line.
and everyone that i knows, surrounds me.
cheering for me.
when i look down, unfortunately there is no safety net, neither a safety belt for me.
its like im in a circus.
people around me,
some of 'em are nice, cheering for me to walk the line.
others r juz waitin for me to fall.

i myself.
afraid i could fall anytime.

n i hate a hanging of something.
of relationship.
of anything that bothers me.
well it does.

dis stupid relationship bothers me.
i must say.
im not afraid if u tell me the truth.
its ugly and bitter.
but yeah, i swallow it anyway.

the truth will be juz gud for me.
im glad if u can tell me.
n finally set me free.
if dats what u want.

if u hev any doubts about me,
pls ask me.
i tell u truthfully.

honesty is so important in my life.

n im goin to take my exam soon.
im hoping dis thing will not bother me.
it sux.

nway, thanx for dropping by.
n tell me gud words.
it helps.
for now.

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