Thursday, March 11, 2010

duduk belakang skali.

alkisah sebelum kelas gynae start..
sy suke talkative la..
ckp, ckp dan bercakap..
tp xkuat mne pown..kre owg sebelah je la bole dgr..
ckp psl ape?
haha..rahsia dow..

then tbe2..
lecture aq yg ngh set up laptop tu pown agk nye annoying ngn aq..
tbe berkate,"the girl dat wears black cardigan, pls stand up."
xyh ar pndg2 tmpt je la yg pkai black cardigan..n she looked at me plak..

"what's ur name?"
"u like to talk so much..u can sit at the back in the middle of the class.."
"unless..u like to tell what u were talkin juz now.."
"no. i want to sit at the back"
"fine. then u sit there everytime my class"

hhahahaa..cmtu la..
nway, i dun mind cuz i like dat subject. not bcuz the way she teaches..
but its really fun to noe the abnormalities..its the fact.
u can't change it.

she some sort of annoying sometimes. if we late come to her class..hev to pay rm1.
today my classmates late to her class due to something they had at the hospitals hev to pay rm5..and they were like 10 person.
what lah..unreasonable..
she like tat one..
but im not goin to fail her damn paper okay..!!