Sunday, March 21, 2010

of all things

i wish i can turn back tyme
where the time
u dun hev ur exams
n classes
when ur not bz
when ur not at MFI
cuz then we can watch a muvi
n do sort of other things.
in the end i hev to go out wif dis guy
worse guy
idk y i used to fancy him
he is not a gentleman
at all.
i hate him
he teased me ol the time in fb.
where i didn't do any wrong.
i really dun noe dude.
who's goin to accompany me and watch even a stupid muvi?
like i got bf.
nope i dun hev.
5 years.
too long.
eh,i tink u really need a blog.
tell me what happened in france later.
but then u must be bz soon.

one word:

p/s: yuckkss..sounds like..errrr..keep dis thought to myself.

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