Friday, March 19, 2010


i got a fren.
no not that one.
the other.
if u c my fb i guess u noe.
dat annoying idiot.

we were figthing bout certain stupid thing.
when a girl commented his pic.
he replied so sweet n nice.
dat i thought (my naive thought, yes)
his new gf.

so, im the best stalker u've ever got baby.
i checked the girl's profile.
n she is not what i thought she is.
though i noe juz by looking at the profile pic.
i still want more.
the girl is..
u noe, long outfit.
things dat look like a..
u name it urself.
i dun mind if she's a chinese or indian, but she's malay.
im not sayin im gud.
almost went to the wrong path as well.
lucky me, i hev great parents dat help me show the ryte way.
so im not lost
they called me "please handle with care"

my point is..
i dun understand y a guy could've easily fallen by such creature.
im not stoppin him. he's 20.
go figure out urself.
one word dude

p/s: there could be 2 possibilities y u like her. she's maybe rich. she's ur desire.

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