Saturday, April 17, 2010

4 nights of marathon (final part)

last nyte yesterday.

in conclusion:
penat. penat. penat.
kite dpt taw perangai sbnr seseorang apabila kite wt night shift.
xsuke. aq bkn nye request pown. xpsal2 dpt. bkn nye aq dok jauh. dok dekat selangor je pown. bkn nye aq nk cuti lme2 cuz nk g dating..

patient tu degil. turun gk katil. then jatuh. she's confused. dat's y. both side cot up. degil.degil..
gerammm nye...da jd incident case.

then npe mst aq yg nmpk? y must i passed by. why??

one more thing, i guess dats the side effect of taking long term sedatives.

lesson: never ever take sedatives for a long term. u might hear voices soon

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