Sunday, April 25, 2010

awful thing to tell

tell u something.. usually the confident one but shy whenever im around guys.
the quiet one.
the clumsiest one.
the only talk politely and laugh quietly.

i hev a terrible feeling when it comes to meeting a guy.
big thing to tell.

last time i met a guy,
i dropped a glass.
n trembled n stuttered

he was okay.
but laugh at me till the end.
n if u want to noe whether im nervous or not juz hold my hand.
n u will noe.

i always tought, i hev to get over dis.
go out more often.
wif guys.

but whoever wanna go out wif clumsiest, clueless, girl like me. lol.

im sorry but i've grown up to noe only my dad, my big bro, n my cousins.
those guys.

i went to school girls. primary, secondary (after f3)
and now, dis college..
pretty much i live wif all kinds of girl.

it takes me a few times to get comfortable n maybe keep me smiling the whole day will be fine.
trust me.

u noe me well enough.
i could burst into laughter. once u noe me, dats it. ur gone. the perception.

im consider shy lah kn ;)

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