Thursday, April 15, 2010

4 nights of marathon (part 3)

1645 kot aq bngn.
haihh..panas dow.

roommate aq plak ske ngn matahari agknye..bkk langsir besar2..
ape la mslh dia nk bkk langsir besar2..
so, kali ni aq bngn aq tgk cermin, (setiap kali bngn pown tgk cermin je..=p)
mate aq lebam,sepet (bertambah sepet dr sebelumnya), sembab..
actually tiap kali aq bngn pown mate aq cm owg jepun..
sepet, dan kejap je..pastu da hilang daaa..hehe..

tibe2 rse cm nk minum milo..
milo panas..pelik kn..panas2 nk minum milo panas..
haha..cakap owg skg aq pown buat je..
pe nth..tina2..

sedapp taw milo aq wt..(padahal 3 in 1 je)

mlm ni kn....last night!! yeay!!

last night aq dating ngn patient.

ape la..korg igt aq free sgt ke...

third night:
got dis patient, he can't move..ok. btw, he's old. always pressed the call take dis la, dat la..
want to eat dis..and dat..
ok2..i juz layan je la..
everytime the call bell..
staff will said
"tina, ur bf is calling u..."
then i said "right,coming.."

later on, when doin the paper work
staff again teased me
"tmrw last night right, nvm u can ask for divorce later..hehe"

haha..until then still hev to entertain him..
i dun mind though...but i'll answer him a bit late la cuz i noe wt he wants and usual bz..wif other patients..

night shift is...quite hard i must say. to change drips, the old ones..well u noe wt we do...
check blood sugar..the paper work..answer calls bell...give inhalation..medication...
take care of the post op patients..if got late night opt..

see..cmne xtercabut kaki aq...oh go pharmacy and take the medication..

lesson : kalau boleh sediakan 2 pasang kaki. n pls..ask for divorce tonight. pls..pls..set me free..
oh uncle..

wish: relax tonight..

*thank you for the panda biscuit*

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