Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4 nights of marathon (part 2)

bngn pukul 1330.
tnye roommate yg off arini
"eat already r?"
dye jwb "not yet"
come la lets eat.

after dat i fell asleep.
she asked me if want to tapaw. then i said pls tapaw for me.
anythin dat got chicken, tofu, and egg..
then she said "vege?"
i replied, "the tofu is my vege"
mcm la xtaw aq ni xmkn sayur hijau. heh..

then while waiting for her..Zzz..
aiyaaa..really cannot tahan la..
mengantuk gile babs..

xtaw la bpe lme da aq tido,
taw2 je "tina, lets eat'
time tu bru bngn..mkn2..

jap lg tido blk...xcukup ni..
mate aq sembab..

keburukan nyte shift:

1. eye bag
2. org tido, ko keje.
3. hormone haywire
4. pimples
5. metabolic disorders?
6. u missed lunch, probably dinner?
7. u probably wake up dun noe wt day and date
8. u missed everything dat u need to noe, cuz u were in deep sleep. no body dare to disturb u.

second night:

better. no drama.

story: ade sorg uncle ni..the one i talked about in first nyte, dia punya son yg jge..stay up all nyte long..the son looks like those taiko2..yg gangster tu..wif all the cute je aq tgk..
u noe y? he talked nicely to his father even the father scold him and shout at him..he still remain calm..ouh cair dia ade gf, wtever.

lesson: no matter how ur father is, he is still ur father..n dis goes the same about mother as well.
take care of them wif all ur heart.

p/s: i still dun like to do unnecessary things. such as, folding plastic bags.

u can do it urself ryte?

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