Tuesday, April 13, 2010

4 nights of marathon (part 1)

0900- 1550 : sleeping..Zzz...

plus, i elevated my leg.
so pain, i can't really stand properly.
man, u dun noe how i rocked my nyte.
i done sort of things during nyte shift.

tell ya something,
i kinda miss nyte shift.
ouh, no eye bag...yet.

n im working wif dis staff ryte..
she is so beautiful.
before start working, her hair looks fine.
eyeliner looks fine.

during work, even better.

after work, hours pass by..
damn, she still looks good.
while passing report,
the only thing i look is at her.

but..im not pervert!!
i juz mesmerized..
she used to be my senior u noe..hehe..

y sound so lesbians
no lah..its juz a compliment.

first nyte.

lesson: when oxygen in ur body is not enough, u can get confused. plus if u do hev lungs problem. it will be worse.

wish: second nyte more interesting and less work pls. esp. the not necessarily things to do, but we hev to do to satisfy u. huh..

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