Monday, April 12, 2010

dis is what bothering me. RA.

i asked my frens to wish me luck yesterday before i sleep.
here is the reason.

i got RA dis morning.
ryte. what is RA?
Running Assessment.
i told u, i hate RA and all the little things we have to do.
sem 4. i hate num 4 as well. suey.
i stay in level 4. 4 is really something.
y not 8? ong maa..

nway, tell u a bit bout dis RA.
we have to choose a patient, which got a good case. for me, my tutor said i can chose mine. but my case is not dat satisfying, then she chose herself. if can i pray hard, not be a guy. not a guy. i..well..trembled..but she chose an uncle, almost same as my dad's age, so i guess its fine.
then we talked about y they admitted, the treatment, serve the medication, nursing diagnosis, plan the care chart and every little things..

from tutor to me.

interview. she said im such a good talker, i noe how to bring up patient somehow to talk. talk is really my thing..good interview..

facts. not strong enough..should become more serious in class..and im sure u will success..n dun go round and round bout the facts..

ouh..n she said i should be able to interpret the lab data result and link to patients diagnosis. sure i'll do that. but i can't when u only give me basically 20 minutes to study bout the patient..argghhh...

btw, she changed my patient last minute and i have to study the case for 20 minutes. how cool is dat? im quite impressed wif myself, im able to tell the case almost perfect. n she had no questions to asked me. wohhooooooo!!

note to myself: i like interview people now.
pls. read more.
if ur in her game, make sure u win.

btw, there's dis health education i forgot to tell uncle. n she reminded me. but its too late..feel like wanna go back to uncle and told him. its really important. i cried because i forgot to tell him. but of course, didn't cry in front of her. what a shame..

overall: those wishes came true. pls do wish more.

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