Monday, April 26, 2010

im okayy ;)

yes i do hev certain things to tell.

let me make myself clear.

im hard headed. i noe. stubborn as a donkey if u like to refer to dat.
im pretty much annoying to some people.
im emo. (?)

it just mean dat, if i said i dun like or i dun want to go or do. simply means i just dun want.
n dun ask me again the same question. if i ever want to do dis or dat when im already make up my mind dat im not goin to do so.

i noe u always in between. in doin something. want to do dis wif me, but at the same time want to do dat wif other people. i obviously told u, we could cancel our plan and u can wtever u want to do wif ur other frens. im fine. its ok. u can't possibly judge someone based on their tone of voice. its the way i talked, when somebody pushes me to do something. i noe, thanx for inviting me too..but i dun feel like want to go anywhere until dis weekend.

they dun really care if i go or not, ryte?
they just dun want it to look awkward by inviting u but not me.
cuz we're together-gether, ryte?
yeah..totally get it.

been in dis kind of situation before.
but its used to.
juz go. i'll be super fine.

yalah. dis post is bout my fren. girl. not boy. aha..

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