Saturday, April 24, 2010


don't go.

there's a lot.
n dun make me do the web- cammie thing.
i look hidious in so called camera.

i noe ur goin to france.
but i forgot to ask, where on earth in france r u studying? totally me.
always sucks at geo.

hmm..3 years ryte.
so long.
dis one, i pejam celik, pejam celik..
still 2010.

hee..who noes if i change in 3 years...
will u be surprise?
will u still be my friend then?

n i will not cry.
at least not infront of u.
what a shame.
then i will go "what la.."

but then, i really hev question to ask.
do u noe how to cook?
what r u gonna eat there?
hev u ever do laundry?
do u noe how to make bed?
is ur closet goin to be neat n tidy?

i noe in asis u kinda did those thing.
but do u still remember?

but really,
i hope dis time it'll work for u.
piece of advice,
dun waste ur tears over some girl. get over it.
even if it will not happen..but still..

like i said,
if u can't get over her, get her back.

ouh n come back. look like a man. will be waiting at the airport.
is there ever a song called "will not shed a tears for you"

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