Wednesday, April 21, 2010

how i feel


i can always be there whenever you need me

i can always lend my shoulder for you to cry on

i can always hear you talk for hours without getting bored

i can always watch a boring movie with you

we can always do stupid things together again

we can always scream at the top of our lungs

we can always have breakfast,lunch and dinner together at the same stall

we can always watch the stary night together


we could almost do everything together

we'll be just fine together

but don't ever say "i love you"

don't give me that slightest hope

because deep inside both of us know

it'll never work

we've done stupid things together

"we just a friend"

a perfect word for us.

i liked u once. n dats enough. u broke my heart. n never intend to fix it. somebody had to do it for you. i have fall in love with the person dat fixed it.

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