Saturday, April 17, 2010

after the marathon

i won!! the marathon. hey, not all people can finish the marathon. some people fall sick n lost.

while waiting for parents to pick me up, i slept. for many hours. then went home, daddy said, "kite tgk wayang arini!!"

me: ape cite?
adek: clash of titan
me: ouh, k. korg jgn nyesal plak nt.
daddy: npe plak? xbest ke?
me: tgk je la nt..hehe..

so tgk la.

the action part is so cool. especially the scorpion thing. heh..i usual..

but the concept is beyond my expectation. i noe greek people believe in Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades..but turn against dis even real? im sure not, ryte?
haih..the director and producer..they must be...well u noe..

anyway, its a lot like percy jackson and the lightning thief. travel to find hades, medusa (except in dis movie, medusa dun hev legs tho)

percy is more cute. i mean..the storyline..and they got centaur..hehe..
hero botak pown nmpk gagah perkasa, ensem..not bad..hahhaa.

after movie, go makan..kt sg ramal, kajang..
lepak2..mkn satay ng char kuey teow je pown..
sikit je..

p/s: i bought new novel!! BFF!! its been long time i didnt read novels..dun hev dat time =p

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