Sunday, May 16, 2010

R for Robin Longstride

last night i watched robin hood!!
yeay..i like!!
my sis said it was boring.

but for me, personally i tink the movie is great!!

maybe because:

1. i like english men.
2. i like horses.
3. i like england.
4. i like the scenery. so greeeeen..
5. i like their accent.
6. i like archers.
7. russel crowe

ok, i know i suck at giving movie reviews. my frens said the only thing i like about a movie is basically not the plot but the 'thing' inside. such as the above. the actors, the place, the view..etc.

but oh well. that's me. i find the accent is fascinating. i want to learn to talk like that. and not the 'rojak' and added 'lahhhh..' at the back of my sentence..
i really2 love to learn languages..if i don't have anything to do by willingly to learn new languages, aside than mandarin which i can learn from my dear chinese frens.

but i must say, its a sad movie though..people killing each other. i mean war. burn houses and people especially women and could they..

as usual im the one who overly excited when robin longstride and his army won..hurray for england. the king urrgghhh..he played well. i do hate him.

p/s: its a great movie for those who loves history and england, and horses and justice.
i can still watch it over again.


  1. no doubts dat english man is the perfect gentleman. totally in control and a perfect example for romantic partner. except pattinson. too serabai omg!

  2. indeed babe!! oh lets go england and find one nice english man.