Saturday, May 22, 2010

he is my best fren

my frens who noes dat guy who went to france
is my best fren
they will never said such things like
" do u like him?"

no. i dun like him
even so they will said, i do hev feelings for him.
yes. i do hev dis feelings. im a nurse.
tender, loving, care planted in my mind.
as a fren i always hev feelings for him. but no more than anything else.

cuz u noe y?
we r best frens
best frens dun fall in love
they stay as frens
buddy or smthng like dat

besides, he got gf
so i dun mess up wif other people bf
im not a bitch.
so dun worry
we will not go any far
best fren. full stop.

n fyi,
i dun fall for the same age guy.
i like older person
wiser and calmer
and definitely noe how to help me
cuz im always in trouble

n dat is what happened to me today.

p/s: hey u noe who i like. i told u. so dead if u forgot.


  1. france ek. aku ase aku tau sape. haha. yes. you are always in trouble tina. =)

  2. eleh ko..cisss..
    ko taw xpe la...