Friday, May 21, 2010

hey um say what?

my mom always said to me
i can survive anywhere in the wrold as long as i hev my frens wif me or so i hev to make one

well mom
guess what
i hev none.
im starting all over again

i noe lately i've been pushing people away from me
but funny i dun noe y
there's one time when u were surronded by people u love
then u feel like so crowded u begin to take a step behind
n just watch them

right now i feel like im blair
i dun hev frens
yea i do so one or two
but not here
i juz dun click anymore

but ryte now
im just gonna stay low and see where i got myself into
n the fact dat guy
is in france now
what could b worse

i miss my best friend who went to france and wanted to be an enginner
n got himself an iphone?
hate u even more

yea n i hev another dat wanted to buy superbike or any bike
i support him for whatever he likes.
airplane and motorbikes.
dats as well kinda cool
cuz most of the time i dun really understand the mechanism
but he still told me.
he likes to tell story
and i hev to hear.
he make me smile
he really knows.
but we just frens.
im gonna find him after the aviation thing finish
also one crazy airplane engineer
but i like.

and my GF of course
another that i called hot stuff
she's hot
but im really glad she's the same person i know untill now
humble and daring (?)
she just superb. made my day wif her crazy ideas.
im not getting bored of it
everytime we met, there's always an interesting thing to do
or being mischievious
i miss u babe!!
stick around and i might lose myself
over again
dis time we're in it together.

so basically 3 amazing person in my life
that basically make me smile
and drive my crazy
for dat i thank u.

p/s: there dis guy. make me smile too. just his simplicity attracts me. obviously he doesn't feel the same.

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