Sunday, May 30, 2010


ok so its 1234 am.
like y im not sleepin yet?

im watching my fave korean variety shows..
and dis kdrama- personal taste.

when im watching the drama
i realize something
we must love someone truthfully and to do dat is hard..
like for me, i really like dis guy..
but there's no establish relationship between us yet..
so i can't possibly text or call him
and ask about his personal life, ryte?

cuz i hev dis thinkin dat
if i dun establish any relation to anyone even i noe him
i can't possibly simply enter his life.
but dat doesn't mean im sombong or anything.
i juz dun like to ask bout other people personal life
if im nothn to them
its kinda weird tho..
i juz rather keep to myself and well
waiting the right time to ask.

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