Sunday, May 9, 2010

i cried over blue people.

there are some stories dat just make u cried.
n guess what dis movie made me cry.
but i tink its better for him to be avatar, cuz he can do so much with his legs..
he can climb, walk, run ride..pretty much everything.

not to worry tho..
i always cry when im watching movies
like anis said "movie mane kau tgk tak nangis, tina?"
anyway, blue people are amazing!
and i want to ride ikran. and the forest is awesome!! jakun people like me shud live there..hehe..

if u hev one just let me noe k.
but wait, avatar is like not the movie dat people are talking bout it now ryte, so y am i telling dis?
it is because last time when my family watched it in cinema, i couldn't join them cuz im working..sad..

da ketinggalan not up- to- date..
p/s: yes i cried over movies everytime..because im a bit foolish..

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