Sunday, May 16, 2010

Serena and Blair. ILY.

i always remind myself y im still putting up the 'serena and blair' picture as my background.
maybe because:

1. i like gossip girl.
2. i like serena and blair.
3. i love how they hold each other hands (no im not lesbo)
4. i like their friendship on and off screen.
5. reminds me of my own friendship.

about reason no 1. yes. im a huge fan of gossip girl. better known as GG. i just found out or enlightened by what anis said to me last week. "GG season 3 full is out". no anis is not a fan of GG. she well...House is her freakin series. mine is GG. we are a total opposite. nevertheless she still told me. thanx babe!.

so here's the plan. im goin to study like mad tonight. or maybe tmrw. watever. after that, if my mood is brighten up, i want to go to ampcorp mall ( yes, its the only place that i noe that sell my freakin GG wif such a nice price) and bought as many DVD as i can, and later on, watch it together wif my dear lappy. how's that sound? cuz really..i need a long break. im tired. dunno of what actually..but i just can't wait to get dis all done. u can say watever you want but im gonna stick wif it. my plan.

here are the thing i wish to get done wif:

1. final exam
2. freakin procedures.
3. assignments

so much of a college life. im gonna puke now. im sick.

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