Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the time when u were not supposed to rush

how do u feel when u were in an exam
and u hev to rush to finish it?
even u noe u still got time but u hev to rush
because the tutor ask u to finish it
because she wants to mark it fast.

yup dats what happened to me today and the rest of my frens today.
we rushed like mad people in exam hall
me, write and write until i hurt my wrist.
stain on my palm
hurt my back
so whatever.

no its not essay dat we were writing.
its a short and simple question but with a lot to write and lots of key points to elaborate.
but dis tutor give 4 papers and when we ask for more papers she grumbled.
hellooo..4 papers= 1 subject. if u must know, it is an important subject for us.
we got lots of idea to write but were suppress by you. thank you.
maybe i failed maybe not.
i got 2 subjects in one paper to be finish and u rushing us like mad!!
give very little paper and yet scold us when we ask for more.
for ur paper i did it within 10 minutes..the last 10 minutes!!
no its not that i dun noe how to answer well, its because u were rushing us. and i can't really tink well when u were mumble here and there like nobody bussiness.

oh u were leaving. pls leave ASAP.
i do not wish for u anyway.

p/s: this one that ask me to sit at the back of my class. and the one dat make my RA looks terrible. endocrine is a nice subject. thank u. it look bad now.

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