Thursday, May 20, 2010

my goal

lately when i met someone
they ask me what i do now
i told them, im doin nursing
they said wow u must hev a doc as ur bf or smthn like dat

i dun hev doc as my bf
or either any medical line person as my bf
i found it
boring when u as a couple work in the same department
and same line, which for me is medical

but it runs in my family tho
my parents met and fall in love at work place. i guess.
they are colleague
yes they go to work together
come back together
sounds so sweet.

my sis and bro in law
yes. met and fall in love at work place.
go to work together and come back together.
yess sounds so sweet and everything.

but since i was small
until now, believe it or not.
i still hear the only thing when we all had gathering
was, about their work and insurance.
those people work for insurance company.
so its logic when they talked bout it.

its their life. there's nothing i can do bout it.
well yeah same goes for my big bro.
but now he changed profession
works for government tho.
those agensi anti dadah or smthng..
dun ask more cuz i hev no idea
what kind of thing he did.
my dad once said its a dangerous job..haha...idk.

for me.
kinda different
if i hev bf
i dun really like we're workin for the same company or line.
i want different.
rare jobs or just other interesting job
so we could talk bout different things every time we ever meet.
i tink its kinda fun when we hev different perspective over smthn, aite?

n let me make things clear
i work my ass off
and study real good
at least after dis i can do post basic or cont degree or smthn
and fly away to other country to experience new things in life.
yes. and money as well. the salary is good outside.
call me anything u want, but this is what i want to achieve.
its exactly y i join nursing.

thought want to be a teacher but nah, its part time. n i miss those kids!!

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