Wednesday, May 5, 2010

hair..long or short?

no more sad post..*cross fingers* in dilema.
like dis..
every morning..
i hev to choose. what i want to wear. dis shirt goes with what pants.
n so on..
ok then face. fine. i put toner n i do not wear make up to class..duhhh...
then while waiting for my hair to dry up. i do not use hair dryer, to dry my hair..urghh..not gud for ur hair..
i make myself breakfast. quacker oats. if not..haishh..30 minutes in class...i'll be drooling..
like anis said" tina, can't live without breakfast.."

here it goes..
my hair..ok its not dat long neither short.
its middle long..
i dunno how to style it..
yes dats true..lets say..i dun keep my hair dat long..long..
i used to cut if i can't stand wif it..
so my hair is always short..but not too short..

i don't like to tie my hair..
i love it when it sways or when i flip my hair..
i only tie if its really bothering me or so..

n the fringe..urghh..
i juz cliped it..totally mess my hair..hahaaa

my intention is..want to keep my hair as long as i can..
i want to challenge myself..chaiyok2!!


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