Monday, May 3, 2010

long gone

i have a friend.
best friend.
its only been a day, but i tink i miss him.
he went to france.
further of what he wanna be.
an engineer.
gosh, i hope he succeed.

but when i go home dis weekend
im thinking,
what should i do?
besides than be wif my family.

we usually go out
watch movies, eat n talked crap.
we never really fancy each other.
cuz i really love the friendship
that we had
i couldn't move on.
dis friendship might break.
n so my heart.

i tink of doin something
i always tell myself,
dis guy wif me
already got gf, n they love each other.
dun be a bitch and make them fight.
cuz if i only tink bout myself,
i already be one.

but when i heard
dat ur gf
can't come
to send u
and come to the party
i feel quite sad n mad

then as ur best friend
i stepped in
n came
i tink its a sad thing if someone we love
couldn't make it to such an important event in life
well ur the gf, dun u feel bad?
u can't come to ur own bf farewell party
and u can't send him to the airport.

as his friend
i do feel sad for him
u can totally see it from his eyes

i noe he's sweet
came to visit u
n hang out u
cuz he loves u

i heard his problems
all dis long
n if u ever break up wif him
over some stupid thing
ur juz gonna hev to deal wif me

cuz he's such a nice guy
n a freak. so leave my freaking friend if u dun love him.

oh dis is what we did. everything is last:
1. watched iron man 2
2. subway + big apple
3. bought u a gift
4. msg wif u
5. lunch together
6. smack u
7. aegyo thing
8. airport thing

but we never really said goodbyes.
i hate goodbyes. since then, the only thing we ever said was "later"
or worse, "im hanging up".

my last msg, n damn i forgot to say take care.
"forget me, dun stalk me, dun call me, dun msg me. juz focus k. i'll be the last."

people would say im pretty weird.
but i rarely say goodbyes n everything good doesnt come with it.
so juz dun remember me.
safe journey.

be a man after 3 years. or tony stark by any chance?
i can be..ummm..natalie? pepper?
pls be the same guy for me.
i need that.
thank u.

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